In cooperation with prof. Dr. Marko Maslac


In cooperation with prof. Dr. Marko Maslać, Head of the Department of Road Traffic at the Academy of Vocational Studies in Šumadija, Department of Kragujevac, we bring you an overview of the most important legal acts in the field of transport. The goal is to find in one place the entire legal regulations that regulate transport in the Republic of Serbia.

Pursuant to Article 11, paragraph 5 of the Law on Working Hours of Vehicle Crews in the Road

transport and tachographs ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 96/15),

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure brings



("Official Gazette of RS", No. 106/16)

Article 1.

This ordinance prescribes the appearance, content and manner of filling in the certificate of

activities of the driver (hereinafter: Confirmation).

Article 2

The certificate is white with black inscriptions.

The certificate measures 210 mm x 297 mm (A4 format).

The certificate can be printed on the company's memorandum and does not have to be stamped


The certificate is filled in in typed letters, ie via computer

in Latin script and the text must not be changed.

All fields on the Certificate must be filled in before the trip begins.

The certificate is signed by the representative of the carrier and the driver for whom the certificate is issued.

The appearance and content of the Certificate are given in the Annex that is printed with this Ordinance and makes

its integral part.

Article 3

This Rulebook shall enter into force on the eighth day from the day of its publication in the "Official Gazette

Republic of Serbia".

No. 110-00-00224 / 2016-03

In Belgrade, December 20, 2016


prof. dr Zorana Mihajlović, s.r.