Dragan Obradovic is a person who makes things easier for drivers in international freight forwarding


Dragan Obradović is a person who does his job very professionally. International freight forwarding drivers know why !!!

Mr. Dragan Obradović is a person who helps and facilitates the work of drivers with his work.

Dragan Obradović sells and arranges navigation, which is used in large numbers by professional drivers across the EU.

He does his job very professionally and responsibly, so we think that there is no driver who will not refer you to Dragan Obradović when it comes to navigation and who you should contact when it comes to navigation.

A large number of drivers know how dangerous it is to have a problem with navigation, and that is why everyone will tell you from users who bought navigation from Dragan Obradović that there were no such problems.

This is confirmed by the large number of drivers who send pictures to Dragan Obradović's FB profile as a sign of gratitude !!!

We are glad that there is a person who can make the job easier, which is not easy and very stressful for drivers.


Dragan Obradović drivers of international forwarding know why !!!

+ 38163/364 121